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Mobile barber shops


House Bill 792 requires the board to begin licensing mobile barber shops, starting next year. The board is asking for public comments on draft rules for mobile barber shops.




Mobile barber shops are NOT currently legal. Please don't attempt to operate one until the board is able to issue licenses, starting next year. 


The draft rules discussed on this site will likely change based on public input. Please don't purchase or retrofit a mobile vehicle based on draft rules currently being considered.


Public comments 


Below is a link to submit public comments online. You can also use the link to the board's contact information page if you prefer to submit comments by mail, email, or fax.



Summaries of the draft rules


Below are two documents that summarize the rule provisions.


  • Communication with licensees and the public. This is a communication that went out to all licensees on our email list, and it's a brief summary of the most important rule provisions.
  • Longer explanation of the rules. This memo offers a more detailed explanation of the rule provisions, adapted from a memo originally given to board members for their August 23, 2022 board meeting.


Draft rules (combined)


  • For a single file with all rules, please click here.


Draft rules (individual rules)


If you prefer to browse rules individually, please use the list below. The titles may help you locate a particular rule by topic. Please note that the letters following "21 NCAC 06" (e.g., "L" or "N") are subchapters, and they offer broad categories for the rules. The subchapters are:


  • Subchapter F: barber school
  • Subchapter L: barber shops (some of the most important new rule provisions for mobile barber shops will appear in this subchapter)
  • Subchapter N: fees and forms
  • Subchapter O: civil penalty
  • Subchapter Q: prohibited practices
  • Subchapter R: advertising


Below are the individual rules. If you have any questions about the rules, please contact the board.





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