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Below is the exam schedule for board exams for registered and apprentice barbers and instructors.  If you wish to apply to take the exam, please contact your barber school or download the appropriate form.  For information about permission to work, please contact Carolyn Davis at (919) 814-0642 or refer to your exam paperwork.


Please note: if your paperwork from the board has a different date than the ones listed below, you should follow what the paperwork says.  Although the schedules below are listed for your convenience, they are subject to change.


Exam tutoring and preparation


The board doesn't offer tutoring or preparation courses for the exams. However, the North Carolina Barber Association can assist students who need additional preparation or training for the exams (refresher courses for individuals who graduated a long time ago from school, assistance for individuals having trouble passing the exams, etc.). Please note that this is not a recommendation or endorsement of the program offered by the North Carolina Barber Association, and the board only refers to that program for informational purposes.


In addition, some schools offer additional preparation or tutoring for exams. Please see our list of licensed schools for contact information.


Exam instructions


If you've misplaced your exam instructions packet for an upcoming exam, you can get a copy by going to our Exam Materials page and looking for the exam instructions under the appropriate exam type.


If you've misplaced your your exam scheduling letter, which has the date, time, and location, please log in to your Dashboard to download a copy. You can also contact the board.


Registered and apprentice exams


Below is the current schedule for registered and apprentice exams. Please note that these dates can change. If you are scheduled to take the exam, please refer to your paperwork to see what time you should appear, along with other instructions. If you haven't applied, we will assign your date on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that there will be information about whether any slots are available; however, this information is subject to change and may not be current. We schedule additional exam dates as necessary based on applications received.


  • November 7, 2022: Winston Salem Barber School (Greensboro Campus)


Instructor exams


Below is the current schedule for instructor exams.  Applicants should refer to their paperwork for information on the date and time the exams are scheduled.


Written exams


  • As we receive instructor exam applications, we will schedule additional written exam dates.


Practical exams


Applicants should refer to their exam notice for information on exam time and other requirements.


  • As we receive instructor exam applications, we will schedule additional practical exam dates.




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