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The board is closely monitoring the spread of the novel coronavirus and communicating with public-health authorities. We strongly urge you to review information about COVID-19 on the following websites:



If board regulations are creating a difficulty related to COVID-19, please contact us. We will review your concerns and determine what options exist. Our goal is to protect public health.


Easing of certain restrictions (effective May 14, 2021, at 1:30 PM)


Effective May 14, 2021, at 1:30 PM, many of the restrictions on barbershops will be lifted. Under the new executive order, all the previous capacity and gathering limits and social-distancing requirements and most of the mask requirements have been lifted.


  • Individuals do not have to wear masks indoors or outdoors or socially distance, with certain exceptions, some of which are listed below (most of the exceptions don’t apply in the barber industry but are listed here for information purposes):
    • Public transportation;
    • Health-care settings (such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, or nursing homes);
    • Correctional facilities;
    • Homeless shelters; and
    • Child care, children’s day camps, and children’s overnight camps.
  • Barbershops no longer need to require individuals to wear masks or socially distance.
  • Businesses may choose to continue to enforce masks requirements, if they wish.
  • People who aren’t fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.
  • Local governments (counties or cities) may choose to enact stronger requirements, and your business will have to comply with those requirements. Please contact your local governments with any questions about their requirements.
  • You can read Frequently Asked Questions by going to
  • Executive order 215: click here for the executive order that discusses these changes. Please note that the order discusses requirements for other types of businesses, as well.


Board office is closed to public traffic


The board office will be closed to the public, but the staff is still working. Please contact us for any assistance you need.


New barbershops


If you're opening a new barbershop, we strongly recommend that you use our online application rather than a paper application. That option will limit any delay because of additional processing time, especially if our staff is limited due to illness.  The application is available on our Forms page.


In addition, we have an option for shops to receive a consent order to operate while they're waiting for an inspection. This option helps us make sure that you can operate even if the inspector isn't available (possibly due to illness). If you need a consent order and have submitted an application, please contact us.




  • During any emergency, cybersecurity is a concern. Be cautious with your bank and personal information.
  • The board will never ask you through email to reset passwords, provide sensitive information (such as a social security number), or click a link to pay.
  • Make sure that when you renew your license or pay for board services, you are only on the board’s website domain ( or our licensing vendor’s domain ( If you’re not sure, please feel free to contact us at




  • If you have questions that are specifically about barber regulations and their relationship to COVID-19, please see our contact page for information on how to reach us.
  • If you have questions about COVID-19 that aren't specifically about barber regulations, please see the NCDHHS website.




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